Moisturizing the skin is a very basic procedure.

Moisturized skin is much more elastic and youthful-looking, and is less susceptible to harmful external factors.
Deep moisturization and dry skin restoration therapy is based upon ingredients which are capable of deeply moisturizing the skin for a long period of time, a trait owed to their ability retain moisture.

Many skincare products contain moisturizing ingrediants which are applied and stored within the skin.

These ingredients are often found in facial creams and masks, and when combined with other substances such as enzymes, proteins and natural extracts, can revitalize and nurture skin cells, slowing down the natural course of aging. The application of certain instruments, such as those used in iontophoresis and LPG, as well as massaging and roller needling, can bring about even better results when performed in tandem with these ingredients being inserted into the skin.

Moisture is one of the essential factors of skin beauty and health, and is important for its durability and youthfulness. As such, systematic moisturization must necessarily be administered both at home and
at aesthetic facilities.