Mesotherapy is not a specific type of therapy, but rather a technique that may be applied to many varieties of problems and their treatments. It is recommended for the effusion via injection of various substances into or under the skin.

These effusion are repeated multiple times, and may concern larger or smaller areas of the body.
The term ‘mesotherapy’ originates from the fact these effusions used to be injected into the middle skin layer. Today, these effusions can be made into a variety of layers, but are always required to be divided into multiple smaller effusions in order to achieve a better distribution of the substances.

μεσοθεραπεια Dr Αθανασιος Χριστόπουλος


There are separate varieties of mesotherapy, which can be applied either to the face or to the body.
Mesotherapy when applied to the face is completely different to when it is applied to the body. Each variety of the technique aims to accomplish entirely different aims, and is performed in very different ways. The only common factor is that both are performed via multiple effusions in the relevant areas.

Facial mesotherapy aims mainly at improve the texture of the skin.
In contrast, body mesotherapy mostly concerns the correction of cellulitis, but also localized fat on occasion.


The materials a plastic surgeon will employ when performing mesotherapy on the face, neck or cleavage are usually multivitamin solutions, trace elements and hyaluronic acid. Though mesotherapy has existed for several decades as a technique that aims to improve the texture of the skin, the implementation of hyaluronic acid has made a huge difference. This substance is completely safe for the human organism, and at the same time acts as a moisturizer. This moisturization takes place due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is hydroscopic substance which absorbs water. As such, is acts almost like a sponge, retaining moisture within the skin, and thus moisturizing it. In practice, we may notice an improvement in the skin’s texture, as it becomes smoother, brighter and more elastic.

Apart from the face, which is the most frequent area where mesotherapy is applied, when the conditions are appropriate mesotherapy can also be performed on the neck and cleavage.

μεσοθεραπεια Dr Αθανασιος Χριστόπουλος

It is important to know that hyaluronic acid is a fusion of large molecules, which cannot pass through the skin without an injection. Therefore, any cream-type or non-injectable product that contains hyaluronic acid cannot get the acid to soak deep into the skin.

In general, mesotherapies tend to achieve better results when they make use of greater quantities of hyaluronic acid. It is possible to perform mesotherapy using hyaluronic acid only; such effusions tend to be the most effective.


Before beginning the procedure, anaesthetic cream is administered to the face. Once it has remained in place for approximately half an hour, giving it time to take effect, the cream is removed and multiple effusions of the appropriate substance are administered. The needles used in the injection are particularly thin, and in comparison with the anaesthetic cream cause very little irritation during the procedure.

The patient should be free to circulate, even on the very same day in some cases. It is certain, however, that they will be fully presentable on the next day.

The final results should appear after a few days. It is recommended that the patient undertake two or three repetitions, depending on the severity of their problem. However, even one treatment should suffice for them to see their skin’s texture improve.

μεσοθεραπεια Dr Αθανασιος Χριστόπουλος

The results will require some maintenance, the frequency of which may depend on a number of factors.
Mesotherapy can, in addition to the facial texture and quality of the skin, work to improve thin wrinkles and acne scarring.

Any male or female patient aiming to undergo mesotherapy should not take anti-clotting medication, or generally suffer from blood clotting issues.


Body mesotherapy aims mainly to correct cellulitis. The effusion of substances is injected diffusely. The irritation is very slight, as again only very thin needles are employed. Most patient will feel little to no irritation.
The substances employed are mainly caffeine and certain metabolism triggers. The therapy requires a number of applications to the area affected by cellulitis to be completed, which can be made once a week.

The number of applications may depend on the type of problem we are dealing with. Once the treatment is complete, one can begin the maintenance treatment, which requires one application per month.


As the full therapy requires a certain amount of time, it is best for the patient to begin it early on, if they wish to be in good condition for the summer months. Fat dissolving substances may also be employed, which may aid in eliminating localized fat as well as cellulitis. The application of mesotherapy to the body tends to last about ten minutes.

The therapy can usually be completed after approximately six months.


In recent years a third variety of mesotherapy has been implemented, known as ‘autologous mesotherapy’. It is named as such because the materials it utilizes are taken from the patient’s organism itself. In practice, blood is obtained from the patient themselves, and once it has been processed to a point (centrifugation, addition of substances that enhance the growth factors, etc.) the material can then be used to supply the effusions that comprise the mesotherapy technique.

The material we obtain from the blood is essentially the blood plasma, which contains growth factors. These are substances which the organism uses to trigger tissue regeneration.

Occasionally, mesotherapy involves the addition of substances which enhance the growth factors.
In autologous mesotherapy, there are various techniques employed to obtain the growth factors. Each surgeon, based on their own experiences, will select the technique he or she feels is most effective. This variety of mesotherapy is completely safe, as the materials used are harvested from the patient’s own organism. The recuperation period is minimal.

Usually, the patient can re-appear in their daily environment on the very same day, only a few hours after the operation, though they may need to apply a little makeup.

The results tend to have a long duration, but a certain period of time is required before they reappear, as the organism needs time to establish the necessary conditions for the skin to regenerate.
Autologous mesotherapy is not only applied to cosmetic treatments, but is also used to repair skin after it has sustained damage from accidents, burns, etc.

The procedure of gathering the blood, subjecting it to centrifugation and administering the resulting substance tends to last approximately half an hour.