LPG Lift Massage to slow down anti-aging

The facial Liftmassage is an anti-aging technique exclusive to LPG. It revitalizes the skin, systematically and naturally boosting the production of collagen.

According to the specific needs of the patient’s skin, the plastic surgeon may recommend the application of this treatment.

The treatment utilizes specialized mechanical heads, equipped with adaptable ‘flaps’ capable of manipulating the facial muscles at various speeds. The heads essentially give the patient a relaxing massage. The application is entirely secure, painless, and even pleasant. It does not damage skin tissue, and as such the patient may return to their day-to-day activities immediately.


The Liftmassage’s results depend upon how responsive the patient’s skin is to the treatment, the correct hydration, etc, yet will be clearly visible after 8 applications. Depending on the needs of each face, a certain schedule must be observed. Each application lasts 15-30 minutes (generally 20 minutes per application).
Usually, a specialized treatment schedule will consist of up to two applications a week,
for a total of two months.