What is deep cleansing and how is it done?

‘Deep cleansing facial’ is the term used to describe an aesthetic procedure which aims to remove pollutants and sebum from the skin. This is achieved through the use of cosmetic products and aesthetic appliances.

A cleansing facial consists of the following stages:

•    Removing pollutants and makeup using emulsion and lotion.
•    A light facial peel to remove dead cells, which accelerates the effective extraction of sebum, as well as the   absorption of the cosmetic substances.
•    Dilating the pores through the use of a specialized steam appliance (steamer).
•    Additional dilation of the pores which have remained closed through the gentle, precise application of pressure.
•    The application of an antibacterial protector.
•    The application of a mask appropriate the patient’s skin type, following by the use of restorative, antiseptic or normalizing cream.

The procedure can be complemented with further measures depending on the aesthetic practitioner undertaking it, as well as the instructions and capabilities provided by the supervising doctor’s experience (provided he is in the vicinity).

Frequent Questions Concerning Cleansing Facials

How should I select a clinic and practitioner to conduct my cleansing facial?

The main problem which plagues the field of Aesthetic Surgery are the vast numbers of false practitioners, who pretend they possess the medical degree and the requisite knowledge to qualify as experts in said field. A true aesthetic surgeon is one who possesses a certified Aesthetic degree, not one who has simply attended lectures on Asthetic Surgery, Manicures or Hairdressing.

It is important that you select a clinic which is clean, meticulously organized, and is equipped with a sterilizing cabinet. Observing these minimal conditions will minimize the possibility of contracting an infection or other complications during this relatively simple procedure, which can however result in major problems otherwise.

What To Do and What Not To Do After A Cleansing Facial:

Following a cleansing facial:

1.    You must not apply make-up for 24-48 hours.
2.    You must not be exposed to sunlight or a laser.
3.    It is not recommended for you to use cosmetic products containing fruit acids.
4.    You must avoid physical exertion for about 24 hours.
5.    You must remove your make-up as well as any environmental pollutants every night.
6.    You should frequently apply moisturizing cream or sunscreen.
7.    You should apply a mild peel and cleansing mask approximately once a week.
8.    You must work together with your practitioner; inform him about the results or any irritations following the cleansing, so that during the next sessions he or she will be able to employ products which are more appropriate for your particular needs.