Botox | Vistabel | Dysport

Botox (and other products of botulinum toxin, such as Dysport, Vistabel and others), has by now become the most popular treatment employed against wrinkles. This is due to the fact that it is a very easy and effective treatment.

Botox has been in use for the past few decades, employed to treat various ailments associated with muscle contraction. Since 1994 it has been used to combat the development of wrinkles. Its application was particularly successful and since then it has undergone an exorbitant ascent worldwide, as far as its application for this purpose is concerned.

The application of Botox

Application lasts a mere 5 minutes; it is recommended that the drug be administered via syringe to various parts of the face. The essential areas of its application are: Η εφαρμογή διαρκεί μόλις 5 λεπτά και συνίσταται σε ενέσιμη χορήγηση του φαρμάκου σε διάφορες περιοχές του προσώπου. Οι βασικές περιοχές στις οποίες χρησιμοποιείται είναι:

•    The horizontal wrinkles of the forehead.
•    The vertical wrinkles of the central brow.
•    The crow’s feet wrinkles alongside the eye.

When applied to these areas, botox offers the most basic method of combating wrinkles. It can also, however be applied to other areas, such as smoker’s lines on the upper lip, cervical wrinkles, the corners of the mouth, and more rarely for such uses as combating nose-to-mouth wrinkles or simply improving the shape of the face.
As mentioned above however, the basic areas of application are the forehead, the central brow and crow’s feet. As a matter of fact, ever since botox therapy began to be employed, surgical operations upon these areas have been reduced very drastically. For example, the central brow lift, which aimed to achieve similar results to botox, is now used much less frequently than it used to.

Botox acts by reducing muscle contraction, which causes wrinkles to form. It is well known that the main reason for the formation of wrinkles is muscle contraction. Thus, by preventing this contraction, we allow the wrinkles to “open up”, becoming much less visible and even completely undetectable in some cases.

At the same time, it acts as a preventative. It is common sense that if the muscle does not contract the associated wrinkle will not worsen, but remain in its improved condition for as long as the effect of the botox lasts.
Many patients undertake botox application not because they have already developed wrinkles, but because they have excessively active muscles. Extensive muscle mobility is certain to cause wrinkles to form in a short length of time. Therefore, such patients seek to employ botox to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

As explained above, the operation last approximately 5 minutes and the degree of annoyance is very slight, as the needle is particularly thin. Following the operation, the man or woman may reappear in their social environment immediately without having to worry about carrying obvious signs of surgery.
Therefore, no period of recovery is necessary.


The results of Botox

Results will not become immediately evident until a few days later, usually 3-4. The final result, however, may require up to 15 days to pass before becoming evident.

The results of botox are not permanent, usually lasting approximately 6 months, but depending on each patient’s idiosyncrasy we may have to give or take a few months. Usually, following a number of such operations, the duration of the results will be increased. In addition, not all areas of application can boast the same duration.
For example, an application to the forehead tends to last longer than treatment of crow’s feet.

Botox may be combined with other methods of treatment in order to achieve an even better result.

The safety of Botox treatment

The drug is completely safe for the human organism, as the quantities employed in treating wrinkles are very small. For other ailments wherein botox is applied, quantities can be up to ten times as large, yet no health issues have ever arisen as a result. Therefore, botox is safe to use as a medical drug, and the quantities used are extremely small.

Possible complications, such as ptosis of the eyelids, headaches, diplopia etc., occur very rarely and are always reversible when they do.

It is a necessary prerequisite, of course, for the practitioner who is performing the procedure to have experience with using botox. Unfortunately, the vast popularity of botox has resulted in certain problems, most of them stemming from the fact that botox applications are frequently performed by inexperienced surgeons.

In the event that the surgeon applying the botox is not sufficiently familiar with it, the possibility of complications arising is quite substantial. However, it cannot be said that the blame lies on the botox itself. We must understood that any drug, no matter how secure it is, must be applied by person who are experienced in handling it; otherwise, it becomes a risky operation.

The popularity and extensive use of Botox

To conclude, the simplicity of the operation, as well as impressive results and the safety of the application, have made botox the most accepted and sought-out aesthetic treatment throughout the world.