“In Greece you may combine high quality plastic surgery with wonderful vacation time overlooking sparkling blue seas and visits to ancient monuments in a safe environment. Greece is an excellent choice for Medical Tourism.”

Dr. Athan.Christopoulos
Plastic Surgeon , ISAPS member

Greece provides high quality plastic surgery facilities and doctors. Plastic surgeons are well trained and have acquired valuable experience both in Greece and internationally. Due to ideal weather conditions, plastic surgery operations in Greece are popular. Since ancient times, Greeks have been known for their love for elegance, harmony and beauty.

Plastic Surgery in Athens Greece

The Plastic Surgery Centre “Aesthetic Anaplasis” [Αισθητική Ανάπλαση], located in Athens, the capital of Greece, provides excellent plastic surgery facilities. The Head Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Athanasios Christopoulos, has extensive experience in Cosmetic Surgery. All surgical procedures, from minor beauty care to advanced surgery, are performed under strict, scientific and high quality standards, according to European regulations and criteria, thus ensuring success and precision.

There are many advantages by choosing doing a Plastic Surgery Procedure in Greece:

•    High quality standards 

•    Highly qualified plastic surgeon

•    No waiting list

•    Affordable plastic surgery procedure

•    Relaxing vacations

•    No-one knows


Plastic Surgery Abroad, as pleasure

The choice of Greece as a destination for Plastic Surgery is a wise decision. The impeccable medical and hospital conditions in addition to spending recovery at numerous holiday gateways of beautiful resorts offering the beauty of Greece and the mystical ancient monuments and sites is an unforgettable experience. Upon returning home the medical tourist is rejuvenated to both body and soul.


Greeks are known for their hospitality. Greece is also a safe and a low crime rate country, allowing for friendly and safe entertainment, till the early morning.

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Plastic Surgery in Greece at Aesthetic Anaplasis

The Aesthetic Anaplasis Clinic provides all necessary information for all procedures of plastic surgery, allowing for the correct choice and procedure required, ensuring the desired results.

•    Liposuction (classic, PAL, laser lipolysis),

•    Breast augmentation (breast enlargement, boob job),

•    Breast lift,

•    Breast reduction,

•    Breast reconstruction after mastectomy,

•    Gynecomastia (male breast reduction),

•    Poland Syndrome aesthetic correction

•    Rhinoplasty (nose job),

•    Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery),

•    Face lift,

•    Botox,

•    Buttock augmentation (BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift, implants)

•    Arm lift

•    Thighs Lift

•    Lips augmentation (lip enhancement, lip enlargement, lip surgery),

•    Peeling,

•    Laser,

•    Laser Hair Removal,

•    Scars caused by acne or accident,

•    Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck),

•    Hair transplantation (hair restoration, FUT, STRIP, FUE),

•    Wrinkles repairing,

•    Otoplasty (ear surgery),

•    Injectables like: ΒΟΤΟΧ, Hyaluronic acid, Polylactic acid,

•    Cellulitis,

•    Vascular lesions,

•    Benign skin tumors,

•    Melanomas and other malignant skin tumors,

•    Hyperidrosis,

•    Mesotherapy,

•    Tattoo removal,

•    Light aesthetics faceskin services (cleansing, whitening, moisturizing, etc).



•    Before and After photos,

•    Plastic Surgery’s News Blog,

•    Information about plastic surgery procedure cost.


The Aesthetic Anaplasis Clinic recognizes and respects each individual’s needs. That is why every procedure is tailored according to every man’s and woman’s preferences, willing to optimize his or her appearance and maybe change his and her life. That is why in Aesthetic Anaplasis in Greece you may find the best plastic surgeon for you.