Approximately two weeks ago, a new topical anaesthetic medication, capable of eliminating post-operative pain, made its debut in the USA.

The medication in question is a very long-lasting topical anaesthetic. Its duration may last up to 72 hours. The most durable amongst extant topical anaesthetics was capable of nullifying pain for up to about 7 hours. Now, with the release of this long-lasting topical anaesthetic, that time has been multiplied tenfold.

It is well known that when it comes to plastic surgery operations, any pain that follows lasts up to three days at the most. The idea is that after the operation has concluded, the plastic surgeon will insert the long-lasting topical anaesthetic into the operated area, nullifying the pain for approximately three days. There are very few cases wherein the pain will not have receded within these space of these three days.

The medication was tested upon patients for 13 through to 24 months, and was confirmed to be fully secure. The patient’s easy and security post-operation are of primary importance in plastic surgery. The prospect of pain, after all, is the most major of obstacles preventing many patients from undergoing an aesthetic operation.

Painkillers can often cause certain complications, such as dizziness, nausea, and even indigestion. In addition, it should not always be taken for granted that they will be able to eliminate the pain, whereas this new topical anaesthetic medication is capable of completely blocking pain for 3, which is usually a more than sufficient length of time.

The topical anaesthetic was applied throughout the duration of the study to patients who had undergone breast enhancement surgery, but can also be implemented in any other operation.

The use of the medication did not result in unwanted side-effects. It is certain that this medication will be universally accepted, and in the near future develop into an invaluable tool for plastic surgeons.