Plastic Surgery Costs

The cost of a plastic operation may vary depending on the type of operation being undergone, the
specifics of the operation, the cost of material (if any are required),
the type of anaesthesia applied (if any), the costs of maintaining the
surgery, or the value of the clinic.

Certain plastic surgical procedures must be performed within the medical unit [such as procedures
which requires the application of lasers, and others which involve the
use of injectable substances(e.g. botox, hyaluronic and polylactic
acid)], while others can be performed in a private clinic (e.g.
rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, liposuction). Procedures which require
the use of chemicals (e.g. silicone inserts, hyaluronic acid), and
others which do not require any such thing (e.g. fat implants,
abdominoplasty etc.), also fall under this heading, as do procedures
aided by topical or general anaesthesia.  

The cost enforced by the clinic varies based on the clinic itself (each clinic has a different pricing list based on its prestige, the room the patient has selected, the marketing plan it follows, the comfort it offers, etc.) Of course, if it is not required for the operation to be performed in a clinic and can instead be undertaken at the surgery, the associated cost is drastically reduced.

In addition, the cost is determined by the type of operation, whether or not lasers and other similar equipment are used, the technique that will be employed, and the quality of the surgical implements the practitioner may use.

Of course, every plastic surgeon appreciates the medical services they provide with their own particular, personal criteria. Be certain that all plastic surgeons are aware of market prices, and that 80% of them adjust their prices so as not to stray too far from the mean market price.

However thoroughly you search, you will find that all plastic operators apply a variance of 10-15% to their prices from the mean market price; this difference is usually due to the cost of the clinic’s upkeep. Of course, there are cases where the cost strays excessively, but these are very rare and must be treated with caution in the eventuality that the practitioner is concealing something.

Excessively low pricing may conceal traps, and you may in fact be paying a greater cost than you imagine. On the other hand, excessively high pricing may also conceal traps, and part of the price you pay may go solely towards funding the practitioner’s advertising.

We must keep in mind that in most cases the price indicated by a plastic surgeon for a particular plastic operation factors in not only their own reward, but also a collection of charges, which usually entail the resolution of all of the practitioner’s economic obligations up to the point where the basic part of the operation has been completed.

Particular attention should be paid by the interested party in attempting to determine before the operation that the price their plastic surgeon has claimed for their services covers everything that is required for the operation and is not going towards some secret charges, which by the end will amplify the final cost.

In addition, try to determine beforehand who will be paying for the extra charges in the case of a complication, or other unforeseeable problem which no-one really carries the blame for.

Cautions that must be taken when it comes to the costs of a plastic operation

What is included in the cost listed by the plastic surgeon?

Determine whether, apart from their reward, the price also covers other charges, such as the aneasthesiologist’s reward, the cost of the clinic’s upkeep (and for how many days that is), and the cost of materials (insets, hyaluronic acid, botox, corsets, etc.).

How much will be added to the cost if the patient is required to remain in the clinic for a longer stretch of time, in the event of a complication?


Which materials will be employed?

Particular attention must be paid here, as the pressure of presenting the ‘bestprice possible’ leads some plastic surgeons, attracted by temporary
profit, to utilize materials of doubtful quality and origin, even obtaining them from unauthorized manufacturers in China, Korea, etc. This is an unpleasant phenomenon which has been on the rise recently in the field of injectable materials (e.g. botox), insets (e.g. silicone insets used in breast augmentation provided by a certain French manufacturer), as well as IPL equipment, which is used in body hair removal in the place of an actual laser.


Does the cost cover the essentials of the operation?

Certain ‘professionals’ within the field ‘handle’ the matter of the ‘offered cost’ in a misleading manner, obscuring information such as concealed charges. This tactic aims to present an attractive cost to the interested party. However, after the operation is complete, the concealed charges will be ‘revealed’ and presented as necessary, and will eventually amplify the final cost. In such cases the final cost will be much greater than the one initially listed by another ‘honest’ plastic surgeon.


The costs of plastic operations at Aesthetic Anaplasis

When dealing with the plastic practitioner Mr Athanasios Christopoulous you can, in the event that you decide to undergo a plastic surgical procedure, discuss various alternative offers with him. These will be tailored for your particular case and personal needs, in terms of the type of the operation as well as the place where it will be performed, as Mr Christopoulos works together with several clinics, all authorized as secure medical establishment. Mr Christopoulos has chosen to work with particular clinics having evaluated their safety, their sufficiency, the capabilities of their staff, the quality of service they provide, the range they offer in terms of room choice, as well as their geographical distribution, so that the interested party may find it easier to locate a suitable clinic within comfortable range of their residence, within Athens or without.


In any case, we offer flexibility when it comes to payment methods. The choices available to potential patients are the following:

•    Cash
•    Credit Card
•    Private Medical Insurance, provided your contract covers the operation you wish to undertake.