Aesthetic Anaplasis, member of ELITOUR

Aesthetic Anaplasis, member of ELITOUR

ELITOUR is the official Greek Medical Tourism Council since 2013. It is a non-profit organisation founded by the largest private healthcare providers in the country, creating a cluster of companies that cover the whole spectrum of medical tourism throughout Greece.

Greek Medical Tourism Council ELITOUR is comprised of more than 50 members including hospitals, clinics, airlines, insurance companies, travel agencies, facilitators, hotels, advertising companies, business consultants and certification bodies.

Its main purpose is to promote Greece worldwide as a Medical Tourism Destination by highlighting the country’s great possibilities and strengths. It remains highly active and builds strong co-operations with respective bodies abroad.

It provides top quality services in a patient-oriented manner, always guided by strong ethical values such as integrity, respect and consistency.

Greek Medical Tourism Council ELITOUR is a founding member of the Global Healthcare Travel Council.

The main purpose of the NGO ELITOUR is to promote health tourism in Greece and cooperate with respective international organizations on global issues related to medical tourism.

Elitour is responsible for promoting Greece abroad as a top health tourism destination,

  • The coordination of participants in order to find common ground and further develop their business entities in the health tourism sector,
  • Supporting the state to formulate regulation and legislation in order to promote health tourism in Greece,
  • Offering know-how and tailor made training for accreditation programs,
  • The development of network communication and collaboration among its members with international medical tourism associations.

Aesthetic Anaplasis become a member of ELITOUR in 2015. As Plastic Surgery is a demanding field and at the top-5 medical tourism asking procedures worldwide, it is crucial for ELITOUR to aim to that field, too. Aesthetic Anaplasis is willing and ready to provide all the knowledge, gained by 17 years of experience, to ELITOUR, in order to support medical tourism in Greece.   


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