Why choose Greece?
Greece provides an ideal combination of medical tourism and a beautiful holiday destination.

Recent research places Greece as the 5th best country worldwide for medical tourism. The study is based on quality of medical services, tourist destination and low cost.  Based on these 3 criteria Greece is considered one of the top 5 countries for medical tourism worldwide.

High Level of Medical Standards
The high levels of medical standards in Greece have existed since ancient times (the birthplace of Hippocrates and Asclepius) and continues to do so. Greek physicians continuously increase and improve their medical knowledge by studying in countries such as USA, UK, and France etc. Greek physicians also participate in global medical conferences and other international fairs in the medical field. In this way Greek physicians have acquired international recognition as well as a competitive edge in the medical world.

Greek physicians do not fear competition and are on a continual quest to improve their medical credentials and qualifications and as a result many have worked abroad at prestigious hospitals allowing for them to acquire up to date medical knowledge.

Plastic Surgery in Greece
Ideal weather conditions as well as for  love of the Greek people for elegance and harmony of the body a need for high quality  plastic surgeons has emerged to facilitate the growing number of Greek individuals who search for this elegance and balance of harmony.
Greek plastic surgeons are also known to have a high population ratio even compared to the United States. This is due to the ever growing need to provide high aesthetic results allowing Greek plastic surgeons to excel according to global standards.

Why choosing us
The Aesthetic Anaplasis Clinic is a reputable Plastic Surgery Clinic whose director plastic surgeon is Athanasios Christopoulos.  The clinic is known not only for its simple beauty procedures but for complex and demanding aesthetic surgeries for over fourteen years.

The Aesthetic Anaplasis Clinic is located Athens, the capital of Greece.  The modern city of Athens is the centre of medical facilities and modern and renovated hospitals. The city also provides an excellent transport network connecting to all cities of the world.

Highly qualified plastic surgeon
Athanasios Christopoulos has extensive experience in the field of Cosmetic Surgery for over 25 years in Greece as well as other countries including the United Kingdom. He has participated in many international conferences that have been held in Europe and the United States. He has also been invited to speak at global conferences as well to organize conferences on cosmetic surgery.

Top quality medical facilities
Athanasios Christopoulos cooperates with  the Mediterrraneo Hospital ( Athens ), a modern hospital, that has received the Temos certification, the DC certification and the ISO 9001:2008,  the Creta InterClinic ( Herakleion - Crete ), the only high standard diagnostics, therapeutics, surgical & research medical center, located in the heart of Irakleion city that has received the DQS certification (ISO 9001:2008), the Temos certification and the Diplomatic Council certification and  the Euromedica General Clinic ( Thessaloniki ), a high standard medical facility, that has received the ISO 9001:2008 certification by TUV NORD.

Top quality – Affordable plastic surgery
What distinguishes us in the field of Cosmetic Surgery is honesty towards our patients and high quality medical services at reasonable fees. This allows for a trust worthy relationship ensuring for customer satisfaction that comes hand in hand with the most recent cosmetic surgery procedures and modern technology.